Rammstein Shared A New Song With An Astronaut In Space

Rammstein recently shared a song from their upcoming album with Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency. The astronaut, who is currently serving as the commander of the International Space Station, was the first person outside the band to hear the new track.

Drummer Christoph Schneider commented:

“Space is calling! I had the honor to speak with ISS astronaut @thom_astro on behalf of @rammsteinofficial. He is the current commander of the @iss and living in space since half a year. It felt like a childs dream coming true for me – talking to a person living in the sky, sharing a glimpse of his view, realizing again how small we all are compared to the depth of the universe…

He was the first to listen to one of our new songs from the upcoming album. It premiered in the sky, which is an honor for us. Thank you @nasa @europeanspaceagency and Thomas for this unique experience.

#iss #space #nasa #esa #spaceflight #rammstein #thomaspesquet #astronaut”

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