The Lurking Fear (At The Gates, Etc.) Premiere “Death Reborn” Music Video

The Lurking Fear (At The Gates, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Death Reborn.” This track is from the band’s new album “Death, Madness, Horror, Decay,” which will be released on November 19. Vocalist Tomas Lindberg commented:

“‘Death Reborn‘ was one of the last tracks to be finished for the album. A pure old school death metal storm, that main riff just blew me away when I heard it, and I knew we had to make space for it on the A-side of the album straight away. The lyrics were quite instant as well, as the track had a certain attitude that needed to be conveyed in the lyrics as well. Still drawing main influence from the Lovecraft universe, but with an added extra aggressive twist. And, I know it is short…approx. one minute, but if you have three great riffs like these, why make it complicated

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