Sabaton To Release “A Battle Through History” Board Game

Sabaton have joined forces with Scribabs to create a new board game called “A Battle Through History: An Adventure With Sabaton.” The game will be released on December 13 and pre-orders can be found HERE.

Here’s a description of the game:

“Enjoy the new Sabaton Board game created by Erik Burigo, Marco Valtriani, Pär Sundström and brought to life by dedicated artists: Alan D’Amico, Sebastian Lydzba, Peter Sallai, Mirco Pierfederici, colouring & artwork by Paolo Vallerga.

For thousand and thousand years, men fought countless battles. Many soldiers have fallen, but some of them, forged by blades and bullets, has become a hero and will be remembered forever.

History is meant to help us remember. Remember the pain, the glory, the armies, and the heroes. In this game, you will travel through time, reliving ancient and famous battles and historical episodes, gathering an army of warriors from different eras, to sing their epic deeds and lead them into the greatest war ever fought.


The board represents the flowing of time through different eras. According to Sabaton’s discography and military history, we thought about these ages: ancient warfare, medieval warfare, gunpowder warfare, and modern warfare. These ages are well defined by the weapons used and by the tactics developed by generals. Ancient warfare is focused on hand-to-hand combat, large armies of footmen, and primitive artillery. Medieval warfare is based on chivalry and more accurate ranged weapons, Gunpowder warfare introduced fire weapons, and Modern warfare relies on automatic weapons and war machines. But technology is not the only weapon: each Hero has a more powerful resource, his Courage.”

Sabaton commented:

“Each bandmember of Sabaton grew up with the tradition of board games and role-playing games, and the blood of these games runs in our veins. Just as we carry the tradition of playing the metal we grew up with, we also now carry the tradition of keeping board games alive, along with the social interactions that it comes with. Together with our partner Scribabs we present you: ‘A Battle Through History: An Adventure With Sabaton’!”

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