Ian Hill Says Judas Priest’s Next Album May Not Arrive Before 2023

During a recent appearance on “The Five Count” radio show, Ian Hill offered an update on the new Judas Priest album. According to him, the effort may not be released until 2023.

Hill said the following:

“The material is there. It’s time to put it down on record, basically. We’re pretty much booked up till the end of this year, although there’s a month [off], I think, just before Christmas, and some of January. And then all of next year, we’re pretty much touring until the fall, at least. But then we can put our shoulders to the wheel and get it down on record for real.”

He continued when asked if fans can expect a 2022 release:

“Maybe the year after — give it a bit of breathing space. [Laughs] We’ll let the dust settle from the 50th-anniversary [tour]. But, yeah, it’s possible — it’s possible towards the end of next year. But if not, it’ll be ’23.”

This news comes after Hill previously said that the band have “at least an album or two of new material” written.

[via Blabbermouth]

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