Hawthorne Heights Team Up With Siiickbrain For Reworked Version Of “Ohio Is For Lovers”

Hawthorne Heights have joined forces with Siiickbrain to record a reworked version of their song “Ohio Is For Lovers.” You can find a video for the updated take on the track below:

Siiickbrain commented:

“This collaboration means so much to me for so many reasons. A few years ago I was listening and singing ‘Ohio Is For Lovers’ in the car and discovered for the first time that I could scream. Ever since then, Hawthorne Heights has been a huge part of the music that I create and a tremendous influence to me. The concept of the music video was heavily influenced by my love for horror films. I wanted to portray a dark, distorted take on the original song, and how sometimes you feel like you can’t live without someone.”

Hawthorne Heights frontman JT Woodruff added:

“It’s a truly treasured experience when you get to step into someone else’s world, as they step into yours. When approached by Siiickbrain, I was flattered that a younger generation of artists had even heard of us, and to work together was divine madness. I’ve never thought of my music as having a dark side, so it’s super wild to see and hear it like this”

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