KISS To Release Super Deluxe 45th Anniversary Edition Of “Destroyer”

KISS will be releasing a 45th anniversary edition of “Destroyer” on November 19. The effort will be available in the following formats: Super Deluxe 4-CD + Blu-ray audio box set, standard double black vinyl, limited edition yellow and red double colored vinyl, 2-CD set, and digital.

Here’s the track listing for the super deluxe box set:

Disc One:

“Destroyer”: Original Album Remastered:

01. “Detroit Rock City”
02. “King Of The Night Time World”
03. “God Of Thunder”
04. “Great Expectations”
05. “Flaming Youth”
06. “Sweet Pain”
07. “Shout It Out Loud”
08. “Beth”
09. “Do You Love Me?”

Disc Two:

“Destroyer”-Era Demos:

Paul Stanley Demos:

01. “Doncha Hesitate”
02. “God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll”
03. “It’s The Fire*
04. “Detroit Rock City”
05. “Love Is Alright”

Gene Simmons Demos:

06. “Bad, Bad Lovin'”
07. “Man Of A Thousand Faces”
08. “I Don’t Want No Romance”
09. “Burnin’ Up With Fever”
10. “Rock N’ Rolls Royce”
11. “Mad Dog”
12. “Night Boy”
13. “Star”
14. “Howlin’ For Your Love”
15. “True Confessions”

Disc Three:

“Destroyer”: Outtakes, Alternate Versions / Mixes, Single Edits:

01. “Beth” (Acoustic Mix)
02. “Shout It Out Loud” (Single Edit)
03. “Flaming Youth” (Single Edit)
04. “Detroit Rock City” (Single Edit)
05. “Shout It Out Loud” (Mono Single Edit)
06. “Flaming Youth” (Mono Single Edit)
07. “Detroit Rock City” (Mono Single Edit)
08. “Beth” (Mono)
09. “King Of The Night Time World” (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)
10. “Do You Love Me?” (Mono Instrumental)
11. “God Of Thunder” (Early Instrumental Mix)
12. “Ain’t None Of Your Business” (Instrumental)
13. “Detroit Rock City” (Instrumental)
14. “King Of The Night Time World” (Alternate Mix)
15. “Great Expectations” (Early Version)
16. “Flaming Youth” (Early Version)
17. “Do You Love Me?” (Early Version)
18. “Shout It Out Loud” (Alternate Mix)
19. “Ain’t None Of Your Business” (Outtake)
20. “Beth” (Take 6 – Instrumental)
21. “Beth” (Instrumental)
22. “Do You Love Me?” (Alternate Mix)

Disc Four:

Live In Paris – L’Olympia – May 22, 1976:

01. “Deuce”
02. “Strutter”
03. “Flaming Youth”
04. “Hotter Than Hell”
05. “Firehouse”
06. “She” / Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
07. “Nothin’ To Lose”
08. “Shout It Out Loud” / Gene Simmons Bass Solo
09. “100,000 Years” / Peter Criss Drum Solo
10. “Black Diamond”
11. “Detroit Rock City”
12. “Rock And Roll All Nite”

Blu-ray Audio:

“Destroyer”: Dolby Atmos 48kHz 24-bit, Dolby True HD 5.1 96kHz 24-bit, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 96kHz 24-bit, PCM Stereo 96kHz 24-bit:

01. “Detroit Rock City”
02. “King Of The Night Time World”
03. “God Of Thunder”
04. “Great Expectations”
05. “Flaming Youth”
06. “Sweet Pain”
07. “Shout It Out Loud”
08. “Beth”
09. “Do You Love Me?”

Bonus Tracks:

10. “Beth” (Acoustic)
11. “Sweet Pain” (Original Guitar Solo)

In addition to the above discs, the set will also feature the following:

Additionally, the Super Deluxe box features an extravagant array of collectable KISS memorabilia and ephemera, including a complete recreation of the original KISS Army Kit with the original folder and following items:

* KISS Army newsletter Volume 1 – No 2 announcing “Destroyer”
* 2x 8″x10″ “Destroyer” Press Photos
* Discography Sheet
* Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter Bio Sheet
* KISS Army Member Certificate
* KISS Army Membership Card

Also included in the Super Deluxe set:

* KISS logo Iron-on
* KISS Army Sticker
* “Detroit Rock City” Bumper Sticker
* “Destroyer” Cover Sticker
* 11″x17″ KISS on Westminster Bridge UK Poster
* 4 brand new 8″x10″ Band Member Photos
* 8″x12″ “Destroyer” Foil Flyer
* 8″x12″ “Destroyer” Canadian Flyer (super rare)
* 4x Band Member Trading Cards (newly created for this boxset)
* 16″x24″ KISS Over New York Skyline Poster
* 16″x24″ KISS Halloween 1976 Concert Poster
* 2x 9″x12″ “Destroyer” Tour Stage Blueprints on Transparent Vellum (never been seen before)
* 16-page “Destroyer” 1976 Tour Program
* Gotham Rock City News Volume 1 Newspaper that is a track-by-track interview with all 4 band members, Bob Ezrin and crew
* 68-page hardcover book with extensive liner notes by Paul Elliott and Ken Sharp featuring interviews from Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, then-manager Bill Aucoin, album producer Bob Ezrin, and many more about the album’s writing and production process, U.S. and European tours, photo shoots, promotional stories, band member memories from their TV appearance on “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special”, and an intoxicating amount of unreleased photos and imagery

The entire contents are housed in a lift top- style box and features artist Ken Kelly’s original “Destroyer” cover art, arguably one of the most iconic album covers in rock, making this the ultimate KISS “Destroyer” souvenir.

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