Ministry Are Already Almost Done With A Follow-Up To “Moral Hygiene”

Ministry previously announced that their new album “Moral Hygiene“ will be released on October 1 and now it looks like a follow-up is already in the works. During a recent interview with Loudwire, frontman Al Jourgensen revealed that he is almost done with another new Ministry album and a new Lard album.

Jourgensen said the following about working on new music during the pandemic:

“I felt like Jack Nicholson in The Shining before I got crazy and tried to axe my girlfriend — ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…’

Seriously though, there was nothing to do. We took weekends off, but for 52 weeks we just kept recording and we wound up with this album and also finished up a new Lard album. We haven’t had a Lard album in forever and I’m still waiting on some tracks from Jello [Biafra]. We recorded here, then [Jello recorded] vocals in San Francisco and sent them back.

We also started working on a new Ministry record [to be released after Moral Hygiene] that we’re almost done with. Until we can go on tour, I just keep working. What else am I going to do? If I stay in the studio, the local crime rate stays down.”

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