Tesla’s Frank Hannon Opens Up About His Recent Battle With COVID-19: “I Waited Too Long To Get The Vaccine”

During a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Tesla’s Frank Hannon opened up about his recent battle with COVID-19. The guitarist said the following:

“I waited too long to get the vaccine. I’ll be honest, I listened to too many opinions that weren’t qualified. That’s a big mistake that’s happening in the world today. I paid the price for it. I ended up getting it too late, too close to the tour when we were supposed to leave and I got sick.”

“[My wife and I are] fully vaccinated now and this is real, man. This shit ain’t no joke. We just lost three more friends. You know, you’re either going to make it or not. This is a very bad thing that we need to come together and get this thing killed.”

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