Tesla’s Frank Hannon Confirms He Has COVID-19

Tesla’s Frank Hannon has confirmed that he is currently battling COVID-19. This news comes after the guitarist missed two of the band’s recent shows. It also comes after the group postponed several other concerts due to more positive tests within their camp. Hannon said the following:

“I want to thank my friend Howie Simon for stepping in to help us. Please accept my apology for not saying anything sooner, but I’ve not been able to move all week in pain. The day the bus was leaving I woke up w 102 fever, shakes and couldn’t hardly breathe. So I stayed home. I’ve been unable to hardly move or function since. Tested positive for Covid. (yes I got the vax, thought maybe it was side efx). Howie did the 2 Oregon shows for me, and the guys are postponing more dates until we’re all cleared up and safe .. I love you all LET’s GET REAL @howiesimon @teslaband”.

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