Corrosion Of Conformity To Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Blind”

Corrosion Of Conformity have announced a 30th anniversary edition of their 1991 album “Blind.” The record has been remastered and it is expected to be released on November 5. The reissue will also feature bonus tracks, an oral history focusing on the making of the album, and artwork by Bill Sienkewicz.

“Blind” (30th anniversary) Track Listing:

01. “These Shrouded Temples”
02. “Damned For All Time”
03. “Dance Of The Dead”
04. “Buried”
05. “Break The Circle”
06. “Painted Smiling Face”
07. “Mine Are The Eyes Of God”
08. “Shallow Ground”
09. “Vote With A Bullet”
10. “Great Purification”
11. “White Noise”
12. “Echoes In The Well”
13. “Future/Now” (MC5 cover)
14. “Jim Beam And The Coon Ass”
15. “Damned For All Time” (demo ’91)
16. “Dance Of The Dead” (demo ’91)
17. “Days Of Rage (Hard Reign)” (demo ’91)
18. “Buried” (1988 demo)
19. “Fast Song” (instrumental) (1988 demo)
20. “Slow Song/Buried” (instrumental) (1988 demo)

In related news, Pepper Keenan also recently reflected on the album during an interview with Revolver.

[via The PRP]

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