Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Seeks Help To Get Female Guitar Students Out Of Afghanistan

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello is currently seeking help to get young female musicians from Girl With A Guitar out of Afghanistan. The guitarist penned an open letter to the music industry asking for assistance and guitar teacher Lanny Cordola has since shared it with Billboard.

Morello said the following:

“I’m writing on behalf of some very special girls in Afghanistan who are in grave danger. [Girl With A Guitar] takes in street orphans and other girls that have endured significant trauma and uses music as a rehabilitation tool and means of working through their problems, their histories, and their hopes.

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with these wonderful kids. Since the Taliban takeover their school has been destroyed and the girls are in hiding. They are at extreme risk because they are widely known to have performed Western music and have been educated by a male American teacher. Anything you could do to help save their lives would be much appreciated.”

Cordola, who is currently trying to get 12 of the students and their families out of Kabul, added:

“We’re trying to investigate if getting them to the Pakistan border is a possibility. We’ve been talking to a lot of different people, rescue organizations. We need to get them out of Afghanistan to start a new life somewhere.”

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