Frozen Soul To Reissue “Encased In Ice” In October, Stream Cover Of Slayer’s “Mandatory Suicide”

Frozen Soul will be reissuing their 2019 demo EP, “Encased In Ice,” on October 29. The effort will include the original four-track effort, several covers, a demo of “Crypt Of Ice,” and a bonus track.

“Encased In The” Track Listing:

01. “Encased In Ice”
02. “Hand Of Vengeance”
03. “Witches Coven” (Mortician cover)
04. “Merciless”
05. “Tormented by Time”
06. “Mandatory Suicide” (Slayer cover)
07. “Morbid Devourment” (Entombed cover)
08. “Crypt Of Ice”

The band commented:

“With this reissue we wanted to give everyone a fresh look at how it started and how it led up to ‘Crypt Of Ice’! ‘Encased In Ice’ was a journey for us to get to where we are now and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support!”

You can check out the group’s cover of Slayer’s “Mandatory Suicide” below:

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