Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante To Release His First-Ever NFT On Friday

Anthrax’s Charlie Benante will be releasing his first-ever NFT this Friday (August 13) via neonARKade. The digital piece will serve as the first installment in his “Monsters” series.

Benante commented:

“The NFTs are a series of monsters that I created with neonARKade. Now, the series, it consists of four monsters. I won’t tell you which ones they are; you’ve gotta get ’em on Friday. But the artwork is all mine as well as the music soundscape. I created everything here. Now, they’re limited to only 15 of each, so you’ve gotta get on it and get them on Friday.

Now, with every purchase, you will be entered into a raffle to win coffee with yours truly, either with a Zoom call or if I’m playing in your area, we’ll do it in person. So I’m excited about that. We can get together, have coffee, talk about music, art, movies, politics, the weather — whatever you wanna talk about… How much cream you put in your coffee; how much coffee you drink. Let’s just do it. But you’ve gotta be in it to win it. Another cool thing is in the future, I’ll be announcing certain incentives to only NFT holders. So that’s a cool thing. If you’ve got an NFT, I’ll be announcing things in the future — fun things. If I’m in your area, let’s get together. You wanna come backstage, you’ve gotta be in it.”

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