Fake Names (Bad Religion, Refused, Etc.) Surprise Release New Self-Titled EP

Fake Names (Bad Religion, Refused, etc.) have surprise released a new self-titled EP. The effort features the following songs: “It Will Take A Lifetime,“ “Running,” and “Cuts You Down.“ You can stream those below. Guitarist/vocalist Brian Baker commented:

“I love the EP format. So many of my favorite bands growing up (Damned, Clash, Black Flag to name a few) issued EPs between albums, and they were always special to me. They came in all shapes and sizes, and they were comprised of songs that were available nowhere else. Sometimes these records teased the style and sonics of a bands’ forthcoming full length, sometimes they were complete departures that sounded like different bands entirely! In all cases they were records that made me feel closer to the bands, giving me a window into what was coming next or what they did when no one was looking. The ‘Fake Names EP’ was recorded in this spirit.”

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