Billy Sheehan Says The Winery Dogs Have “About Eight Or 10 Things Ready To Go” For Their New Album

During a recent interview with Tulsa Music Stream, Billy Sheehan offered an update on The Winery Dogs’ new album. According to him, the band have “about eight or 10 things ready to go” for the effort.

Sheehan had the following to say when asked if the group have started recording or if they are still writing:

“A little of both, but it’s mostly writing. We write like people used to write in the old days: the band gets together in a room and we start figuring things out. And I love it that way as opposed to getting outside writers or having one guy be the writer and everybody plays his songs. So we work together as a band quite well.”

He also added the following about the band’s writing session in early July:

“[It] went really swimmingly. We weren’t killing ourselves, but we were working hard. We’ve got about eight or 10 things ready to go. We’re gonna go back and do it again at the end of this month for another session. And if, at that point, we feel we’ve got a great record, in our humble opinion, we will go ahead and [record] it. If not, we’ll write some more.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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