Seether To Release New EP “Wasteland – The Purgatory”

Seether will be releasing a new EP titled “Wasteland – The Purgatory” on July 30 (vinyl out October 22). The effort will feature “Wasteland” from the band’s 2020 album “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” an alternate version of the track, and three new songs. You can find the track listing for the effort below, along with a video for the alternate version of “Wasteland.” Shaun Morgan commented:

“We are really excited to release ‘The Purgatory’ EP as a companion to our latest single, ‘Wasteland’. I’m especially proud of how the alternate version of the track turned out and really happy that people will finally hear it!”

“Wasteland – The Purgatory” EP Track Listing:

01. “Wasteland” (original album version)
02. “What Would You Do?”
03. “Will It Ever End?”
04. “Feast Or Famine”
05. “Wasteland” (alternate version)

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