Jim Root Says Slipknot Have “A Couple” Of Unreleased Albums

During a recent interview with Guitar Interactive Magazine, Jim Root revealed that Slipknot have “a couple” of albums worth of material that they have yet to release. This includes “Look Outside Your Window,” which Root, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, Corey Taylor, and Sid Wilson recorded during the “All Hope Is Gone“ sessions.

Root said the following when asked about “rumblings” of an unreleased album:

“Which one? There’s a couple [laughs]. There’s ‘Look Outside the Window’ [and] that’s something that Clown and I were working on when we were doing ‘All Hope Is Gone.’ We’ve been talking about putting it out since that happened and I don’t know what will ever come of that, I don’t know what will ever happen with that.”

He also added:

“We also wrote a lot of material. When I’m home — I don’t have a wife or kids or anything like that — so I write music when I’m at home. There’s a lot of arrangements, there’s a lot of things that we didn’t have time to get to. There’s a lot of stuff that is still out there from when we did ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ lingering around. Does that make a record? I don’t think so.

It was really hard for us to pick the songs that ended up on this record. And it was really hard to slash some of the songs out and not put them on the record, so do those contribute to something that we could do in the future? Of course. If you’re a painter, you’re constantly painting.”

He continued when asked if some of the band’s leftover material didn’t match the direction they were heading in on “We Are Not Your Kind”:

“No, not necessarily. Some of them, it was as simple as it just needs more time to develop. Like, here’s a heavy — this one’s a barn-burner but the chorus just isn’t developed yet or whatever it is. Or maybe Corey needs more time to work on this bit or that bit. It could be any number of things or literally we just did not have time to get to it because we had to prioritize this because you’re under a time[frame] and a budget and all that.”

As previously reported, Slipknot are currently working on a new album and Clown says the band are “hoping” to finish it “by the end of July.”

[via Loudwire]

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