Enslaved Premiere “The Crossing” Live Video

Enslaved have premiered a new live video for their song “The Crossing.“ The clip was filmed during a 2020 virtual show at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway.

Grutle Kjellson commented:

“The online performance of ‘Below The Lights‘ was indeed a trip. There has been a huge demand for us to perform that album for some years now. Ironically, because there was very little buzz around it in the days of its initial release back in 2003. I guess we fell into the good ol’ pit in-between the chairs back then, and we got pretty puzzled when people started to shout out for those songs 10 years later!

Anyway, we are psyched and proud to present to you a special performance of the whole album, also including a sixth member, Inge Rypdal! Rypdal is a long time friend of the band and has been collaborating with Enslaved on several occasions over the years, including a stunning performance on the recordings of ‘Below The Lights‘, adding a beautiful contribution on ‘A Darker Place‘.

Here’s a little sneak peak! Enjoy ‘The Crossing‘ and have a heavy weekend.”

As previously reported, Enslaved will be releasing four new live sets from their 2020 virtual tour on June 25. Those live albums/films include: “The Rise Of Ymir” (‘Verftet Online Festival‘ 2020), “Chronicles Of The Northbound” (Cinematic Tour 2020), “Below The Lights” (Cinematic Tour 2020), and “Utgard – The Journey Within” (Cinematic Tour 2020).

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