Ov Sulfur (Ex-Suffokate) Premiere New Song “Bathe In The Flame”

Ov Sulfur, the band featuring ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover, have premiered a new song titled “Bathe In The Flame.“ You can check that out below:

Hoover commented:

“‘Bathing In The Flame‘ could be taken literally, like you’re burning in hell. But it’s more a metaphor for finding comfort in embracing your humanity, which is often broken and bad—if not downright evil. It’s in our nature to live in the grey.”

Guitarist Chase Wilson added:

“This song is definitely more blackened than ‘Behind The Hand Of God.’ We went from planning to be a tech death band to blackened deathcore, so we figured out our sound as we went. It’s a pretty huge leap between the two. Our other guitarist Cory Walker also took over the orchestral elements from here moving forward and crushed a killer solo, to boot.”

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