Max Cavalera On New Soulfly Album: “I Don’t Think It’s Gonna Come Out This Year”

Max Cavalera has offered another update on the new Soulfly album. According to him, the effort will probably be released in 2022.

Cavalera said the following during a recent interview with Kaaos TV:

“We’re just working on it. We’re still just developing it. It’s in the early stages of being recorded. We recorded some, and we have to record a little bit more. But we’re just really taking our time. I don’t think it’s gonna come out this year, because we already have GO AHEAD DIE coming out in June. So there’s not really a hurry to make something fast. So we’re just gonna take it easy and do it little by little. So probably we’ll have it finished for next year.

He also added:

“It’s all right, because SOULFLY has always been there. I really like the vibe that SOULFLY has; it’s a very unique vibe in the metal world. So I don’t really worry too much about SOULFLY. For me, it was really actually fun to step out of it to make GO AHEAD AND DIE and [the second album from] KILLER BE KILLED, because I just learned so much from those projects. And I think that also influenced the SOULFLY record, the works of those projects.”

This news comes after Cavalera previously seemed to suggest that Soulfly were putting the finishing touches on their new album.

[via Blabbermouth]

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