Igor Cavalera On Cavalera Conspiracy: “We Might Do An EP At Some Point”

During an appearance on The Void With Christina, Igor Cavalera offered an update on Cavalera Conspiracy. Notably, he said the band “might do [a new] EP at some point.”

Igor said the following:

“Actually, I’ve been talking to Max about doing something new. We might do an EP at some point. That’s what I love about doing stuff with my brother. Because we’re not attached to a band itself — it’s just me and him — we can do things as we want without really thinking too much. And what I mean by that is acting on our gut feeling, which is something that a lot of people lose with time — you lose that gut feeling where you’re supposed to do certain things because you want [to] and not necessarily being trapped into a label or into a certain thing. So, I guess CAVALERA has that freedom. And it’s quite liberating for me and him that all it takes for us is just a little phone call, and then we do certain tours or an album. It’s quite fun to do this and take all the drama out that involves being in a band with more people, which sometimes can be super annoying. That’s what I enjoy the most about doing CAVALERA — the fact that we have this very straight connection where a few words define what we’re gonna do.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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