Pig Destroyer Release New Live Album “Pornographers Of Sound: Live In NYC”

Pig Destroyer have released a new live album titled “Pornographers Of Sound: Live In NYC.“ The effort was recorded across two October 2019 shows at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY. The record is currently available digitally and a limited edition vinyl pressing will be released on June 11. The group commented:

“We love playing St. Vitus, and had a blast recording these two sets there in October of 2019. Although we are currently writing a new record, we hope this document will fill in the gap for no live shows!”

“Pornographers Of Sound: Live In NYC” Track Listing:

01. “Sys”
02. “The American’s Head”
03. “Eve”
04. “Loathsome”
05. “Scarlet Hourglass”
06. “Thumbsucker”
07. “The Gentleman”
08. “Sourheart”
09. “Concrete Beast”
10. “Rotten Yellow”
11. “Deathtripper”
12. “Circle River”
13. “Totaled”
14. “Crippled Horses”
15. “Gravedancer”
16. “The Machete Twins”
17. “Jennifer”
18. “Cheerleader Corpses”
19. “Scatology Homework”
20. “Trojan Whore”
21. “Piss Angel”
22. “Starbelly”
23. “Junkyard God”

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