Former Sabaton Guitarist Rikard Sundén Sentenced To Prison For Molesting An Underage Girl & Child Pornography Possession

According to MetalSucks, former Sabaton and Civil War guitarist Rikard Sundén has been convicted of sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl and possessing child pornography. A Swedish court has sentenced him to nine months in prison with a fine of SEK 53,400.

Court documents obtained by MetalSucks offered some disturbing details regarding the case. Sundén, who has since changed his name to Johan Andersson, was said to have sexually touched his daughter’s friend under her clothes during a sleepover. However, the musician denied those claims and tried to blame his daughter in a testimony:

“His theory is that his daughter, who touches herself a lot when she sleeps, has accessed NN3 [the victim] with her hands and feet in her sleep. NN3 has since made a mistake and thought it was him.”

Sundén’s wife, who has since divorced him and taken custody of their kids, and the mother of the victim both gave testimonies as well. The victim’s mother said the assault completely altered her child’s behavior and that she had become “a shadow of herself.” A teacher also backed that claim saying she had become very “withdrawn.”

While investigating the molestation, police seized Sundén’s computers and phones and also found films containing child pornography. The following was said about that:

“Johan Andersson has owned seven child pornographic films. It happened on April 3 2020 at Trotzgatan 90, Falun, Falu municipality. The crime should be considered serious as the films depict children who are particularly exposed to serious sexual coercion and violence and has been exploited in otherwise particularly ruthless ways. Johan Andersson Rikard Sundén committed the act with intent.”

Sundén admitted to watching the films, but he denied ownership, claiming that others had access to his computers including touring bandmates, a previous computer owner, and a computer repair person. He also admitted that he was the only one with access to his mobile phone, but he claimed that he didn’t believe that the people in the film on that device were underage. Furthermore, the court also heard testimony that said he previously told a psychologist that he started watching child pornography in 2005. You can read more about all that over at MetalSucks.

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