Another Ex-Girlfriend Of Tommy Vext (Ex-Bad Wolves) Voices Support For His Past Domestic Violence Accuser

Another one of Tommy Vext’s ex-girlfriends, Nicole Arbour, has voiced her support for Whitney Johns, the woman who accused the former Bad Wolves frontman of domestic violence. This news comes after Johns was granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against the singer late last year.

Vext previously claimed that the allegations Johns made against him were part of an “extortion attempt” and that he had been exonerated. At the time, Arbour also called the accusations “fake news.” However, she has since changed her mind saying the following on Twitter:

“I believe Whitney Johns, and I’m very embarrassed I introduced him to my fans, defended him, or spoke poorly of his victims before having all details.

To any other women who suffered abuse from him, I believe you, I’m with you, and I’m so sorry.”

According to The PRP, she also added the following on Instagram:

“I’ve taken the time to educate myself on domestic abuse, and can’t in good conscience only post my wins as a person and not my failures.

I feel like I failed to protect other women once I learned details about this to preserve my own embarrassment at not seeing it earlier myself.

Turns out until very recently, I didn’t know how to recognize the signs, and have let a few bad guys slide through the cracks under the umbrella of “forgiveness,” them healing mental health or emotional issues, not wanting to get involved, and being a “good person.”

But with a platform comes responsibly, and it’s my responsibility to protect other people the way I wish people had protected me in situations.

This is an uncomfortable post, and I’m sure there will be other uncomfortable posts in the future, but it needed to be made.

If you are suffering abuse, stalking, or harassment, you are not alone, I believe you and you can get help by calling: 1-800-799-7233


Vext has since responded to Arbour’s comments in a new video, saying her statement is a “spiteful publicity stunt.” He also accused her of abuse, citing a past relationship she was involved in and claiming that he has a recording in which she admits to throwing a phone at his head. Arbor has since addressed the latter claim on Twitter:

“It’s illegal to record convos in Cali, you gotta wonder why he was doing that if it wasn’t a pr set up, and I threw a phone at a wall when I realized he had abused Whitney and I just introduced him to female fans”

Vext also claimed Arbour tried to have him sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the details of their relationship private. You can read more about all of that over at The PRP and watch Vext’s full video below:

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