Dance Gavin Dance Guitarist Will Swan’s Blue Swan Records Partners With Rise Records/BMG

Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance) has announced that his label Blue Swan Records have partnered with Rise Records/BMG. The deal will help the label “expand operations and provide a greater platform to sign, develop and promote artists from within the post-hardcore and heavy experimental scene.”

Swan commented:

“I’m really excited to work with BMG to continue to build the budding scene for post-hardcore and experimental heavy music. There is a lot of exciting music being made right now and it’s an honor to be able to provide a platform to expose artists from culturally and musically diverse backgrounds, whom I really believe in, to a larger audience whilst continuing to legitimize Blue Swan’s presence in the scene.”

Rise Records/BMG Vice President Sean Heydorn added:

“Will and Sergio [Medina, Blue Swan Records Vice President] have created something really special. They’ve put art and creativity first and the result has been an eclectic catalog of fantastic releases which we will quickly add to with some great albums coming this year. Having worked with Will for over 13 years, it’s been awesome watching him develop BSR from the ground up. We are honored they chose us to partner with them and help them and their artists continue to grow.”

Eidola, Royal Coda, and Wolf & Bear are expected to release new music via Blue Swan Records later this year.

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