Ozzy Osbourne Receives First Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Ozzy Osbourne has officially received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The frontman and his wife/manager Sharon revealed the news on ITV’s “Loose Women.”

When asked if he was vaccinated, Ozzy said “Of course,” before Sharon added:

“Well he says ‘course’, he only had it yesterday!.”

Ozzy continued:

“My arm was a bit sore yesterday but I’m glad I got it. As soon as I got it, I felt relieved.”

He also commented on Sharon’s battle with COVID-19, saying he was “worried”:

“It’s inevitable you’ll know someone who has had it before it’s over. There’s not a lot I could do. I just hope and prayed she didn’t get really sick or even worse.”

He went on to say that he would “struggle” without Sharon, because she’s his “life.”

This news comes shortly after Osbourne said he wanted to get the shot, because if he didn’t “there’s a good chance [he] ain’t going to be here.”

[via Loudwire/Blabbermouth]

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