BAEST Premiere “Necro Sapiens” Video

BAEST have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Necro Sapiens.” That effort will be released on March 5.

The band commented:

“Escaping the creeping death of COVID-19, BAEST decided to bring the audience along, to a cleansing real experience of the after/pre-show shenanigans (The truth may differ, intoxication-wise. No one remembers anymore…). Enjoy the title track video and watch some real necro sapiens in action – braindead and thriving.”

The following was also added about the song:

“Bred by the elite, necro sapiens roam the earth. Soulless beings dictated at the hands of the Czar. Subjects of autopsies, and Meathook Massacres for entertainment, these lifeless reprobates have only each other. They are one, they are none.”

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