Asphyx Premiere “The Nameless Elite” Video

Asphyx have premiered a new video for their new song “The Nameless Elite.” This track is from the band’s new album “Necroceros,” which will be released on January 22. Martin Van Drunen commented:

“This third single of our forthcoming ‘Necroceros’ album is entitled ‘The Nameless Elite’ and is about modern-day warfare, especially about the brave men and women in the many international elite units that combat any form of terror to protect us all against violent acts of insanity. We thought the location at the Overloon War Museum was a fantastic one to shoot a video for any kind of song dealing about war and the Sherman tank in the clip actually did serve during WWII on the battlefields in that area. It may not be directly related to the content of the track, but Asphyx is a band that has always and will always take on any subject concerning war, without glorifying it. War is Hell.”

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