Phil Demmel Says Vio-lence Have “Four Songs Done” For Their Upcoming EP

During a recent interview with Wicked Pix Photography, Phil Demmel offered an update on the new Vio-lence EP. According to him, the band currently have “four songs done” for the effort.

Demmel said the following:

“It’s been a pretty slow process, just because everybody’s kind of working on [other things]. We’ve got a five-song EP that we’re putting out on Metal Blade — five songs, plus the cover [of Dead Kennedys’ ‘California Über Alles’] that’s already been released, but that’ll be part of the package. So we’ve got four songs done. We’ve got the beginning of the fifth one going. We’ve been demoing.”

“Christian Olde Wolbers from Fear Factory is playing bass for us now, and he’s been producing our demos and engineering our demos. So it’s cool to have him be super hands-on and be right there. We’ve got the rig right in our jam room, and everybody learning the tunes. We flew Bobby Gustafson from Overkill out. He’s our guitar player, and he’s gonna play on the record. So we had them out. And it was the first time that we really sat down and [fleshed] out the parts of the songs. They’ve seen videos, but these songs are hard to play, man. They’re hard for me to play; I’m still working on some of the parts.”

He continued when asked about the musical direction of the new material:

“It’s a thrash record. We’ve had a couple of buddies come in and listen to some songs, and they were, like, ‘Holy shit, man. You guys haven’t missed a step. It sounds like 1987 in here again.’ So it’s really exciting. We’re really, really happy with the tunes.”

“It’s fun writing with the dudes again. I’m writing all the music for these five songs, for this first EP. We’re probably gonna end up doing a full-length after, with [all] five [of us] writing together. But this one, it’s just me and Sean [Killian] writing.”

Demmel also added the following when asked about possible release plans:

“I don’t know. We don’t fucking know. We don’t know when we’re gonna record. We’re still demoing and still kind of writing. It’ll be summer — maybe late summer next year — before we release [anything]. We might tease a song [before that].”

[via Blabbermouth]

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