Brann Dailor Says Mastodon Have Demoed 30 Songs For Their Next Album

During a recent interview with 100.3 The X Rocks, Brann Dailor talked a bit about the new Mastodon album. The band are planning to enter the studio later this month and Dailor says they “have, like, 30 songs demoed” and that they “need to pare it down to about 12.”

Dailor said the following:

“We have way too much material, which I guess is a good thing, but also it’s very difficult for us to narrow it down at this point. We’ve had so much time — as everyone has [during the coronavirus pandemic] — to be creative and be in the studio and write new stuff that now we have, like, 30 songs demoed, and we need to pare it down to about 12.”

He continued when asked how the group choose which tracks make the cut:

“We need an outside entity to come in that we trust to say, ‘These are the songs,’ but that’s probably not gonna happen, so it’s gonna be up to us to put our big-boy pants on and make a decision. But there’s a few different ways that we could do things, so we are just sort of debating those things. Okay, all these songs kind of sound like they’re all friends, they all are similar-ish — they sort of have the same vibe, like a more doomy vibe, a more doom side of Mastodon. So we kind of like that idea — it’s kind of cool; we like that — but also there’s some rippers that we don’t wanna leave out. And so we’re kind of discussing whether or not, do we wanna do a full kind of doom-leaning album and then, a few months down the road, record the rippers and put a ripper album out? I don’t know. So we’re still sort of deciding how we wanna approach it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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