Jinjer Premiere “Retrospection” Live Video

Jinjer have premiered a new live video for their song “Retrospection.“ The clip was recorded during the band’s March 5, 2020 show at Max Watt’s House Of Music in Melbourne, Australia. That set will be released as a live album titled “Alive In Melbourne” on November 20. Eugene Abdukhanov commented:

“It‘s still pretty incredible that 4 Ukrainians travelled 14,770 km just to sing in their native language… to the welcoming ears, eyes and open arms of Melbourne. This night will forever be burned in our hearts and the beat of ‘Retrospection‘ fit that night like never before. Shows like this should happen each time we perform and we cannot wait to get back on tour to make sure that happens every night. Until then just enjoy this moment in time called ‘Alive In Melbourne‘.”

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