David Lee Roth Launches “The Roth Project” Online Comic Featuring Songs He Co-Wrote With John 5

David Lee Roth (Van Halen) has launched a new online comic called “The Roth Project.” The 17-chapter comic is narrated by the frontman and it features music from John 5 (Rob Zombie, etc.), Greg Bissonette, Brett Tuggle, and Luis Conte. Notably, it also features songs Roth co-wrote and recorded with John 5 a number of years ago including: “Giddy Up,” “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill,” “Alligator Pants,” “Lo-Rez Sunset,” and “Manda Bala.”

Here’s the featured chapters:

01. “How About A Little Fire Scarecrow?”
02. “Meanwhile…”
03. “Nobody’s Dying In My Helecopter Tonight…”
04. “Bad News Waiting To Be Delivered”
05. “Christmas Early”
06. “Pink Mist”
07. “The Missionary’s Daughter”
08. “Bad Mojo Heat And Serve”
09. “No Dude, Seriously, Fuck You”
10. “Tiger Step, Between Walls”
11. “Bohica”
12. “Chaos”
13. “A Secret Empire”
14. “The Dark Ocean Society”
15. “Knock Knock”
16. “All Pastel And Watercolory”
17. “Let’s Talk”

You can stream the full version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill” from the comic below:

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