DJ Ashba (Sixx:A.M.) Premieres “Let’s Dance” Video

DJ Ashba has premiered a new video for his song “Let’s Dance.” This track features Ashba’s Sixx:A.M. bandmate James Michael and it will appear on his new solo album.

Ashba previously commented:

“On ‘Let’s Dance’, my goal was to create the perfect blend of rock and EDM by laying down the foundation with an infectious hardcore dance beat, melodic guitars and topping it off with one of the best vocalists in rock. Now the party moves from Las Vegas to Miami, and James Michael is right there with this understated bravado sure to surprise our rock fans and hopefully capture the attention of club-goers around the world. I want to bring them all together for an amazing celebration.”

Michael added:

“To hear Ashba’s incredible guitar work surrounded by the electronics of EDM showcases not only his skills as an artist but as a producer and writer as well. I was thrilled when he invited me to be a feature on ‘Let’s Dance’!”

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