Jinjer Premiere “Sit Stay Roll Over” Live Video

Jinjer have premiered a new live video for their song “Sit Stay Roll Over.“ The clip was filmed during the band’s March 5, 2020 show at Max Watt’s House Of Music in Melbourne, Australia. That set will be released as a live album, titled “Alive In Melbourne,” on November 20. The group said the following about “Sit Stay Roll Over’:

“For some, ‘Sit Stay Roll Over‘ was the so-called ignition point where lots of fans first took notice of Jinjer – and it‘s still a burner today even though it sometimes gets lost between all our other tracks! It’s also one of the most technically complicated and extreme songs we’ve ever written, taking the band to the outer realms of death metal… Even after all these years of performing it countless times it still takes quite a lot of effort and concentration to play flawlessly live. We‘re pretty excited to have it put back to the forefront again on our upcoming live album!”

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