Former Pantera Vocalist Terry Glaze Hopes The Band’s Early Albums Will Be Reissued Someday

During an appearance on “Drag The Waters: The Pantera Podcast,” ex-Pantera vocalist Terry Glaze was asked about the possibility of the band reissuing their early albums “Metal Magic,” “Projects In The Jungle,” and “I Am the Night.” He said it’s not up to him whether or not those records will be re-released, but did say that he hopes it will happen someday.

Glaze said the following:

“It would be amazing to share that music with the rest of the world. I think everybody would really be interested in listening — especially listening to Darrell’s [‘Dimebag’ Abbott] guitar playing. With with the loss of Darrell and Vince [Paul Abbott, drums], I guess it would come down to their father [Jerry Abbott] and Rex [Brown, bass]. I don’t have possession of the master tapes, and with Vince gone… It’d be a great thing for the fans — I’d love to be part of that — but as of right now, I haven’t spoken to Jerry Abbott or Rex about it.”

He also added that he thinks it would be cool to release a box set featuring the three albums plus “Power Metal,” which served as the band’s first record with Phil Anselmo:

“Put all four together in a box. The rhythm section and the guitars — bass, drums and the guitars — are consistent through the whole project. And you could see the growth through them. It’d be really cool. I would love to help out in that in any way I could. But we’ll see. Hopefully someday.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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