Spirit Adrift Premiere “Screaming From Beyond” Music Video

Spirit Adrift have premiered a new video for their new song “Screaming From Beyond.” This track is from the band’s new album “Enlightened In Eternity,” which will be released on October 16.

Nate Garrett told Consequence Of Sound the following:

“The fourth songs on our albums, I always pay special attention to them. I didn’t want to put any clean guitar on this album, but I think the only clean guitar track is at the very end of ‘Screaming From Beyond‘, and it’s just for a second. Rather than doing a ballad for track four this time around, I wanted to do something really catchy that would have a sound that’s very classic and timeless sounding.

I had this idea of coping with death and framed that idea around a ghost story. The concept of the album is life and death and trying to figure out how to deal with a reality that is constantly trying to kill you or get you to kill yourself. So, the song ‘Screaming from Beyond‘ is about being haunted, literally and figuratively.

Maybe being haunted by a ghost is a fantastical take on being haunted by trauma or being haunted by the pain of losing a loved one, not being able to move on and being stuck in this quagmire of suffering and sadness.”

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