Steel Panther Offering Fans Customized Songs For $7,500

Steel Panther are selling customized versions of their songs for $7,500. You can purchase one for yourself HERE after filling out an official questionnaire.

The band commented:

“Do you have a favorite Steel Panther song? How cool would it be if you could personalize the lyrics? Even take part in creating a custom version just for you or someone special?

Now you can.

For a limited time (until we can tour again) Steel Panther has a very special offer.

Pick any one of our songs and tell us who or what you want the rewrite to be about.

Take part in a custom rewrite of one of your faves. When the writing is done, we will record the new vocals and background vocals to the original tracks, and present you with a record quality remix to give to your BFF for Xmas , bar or bat mitzvahs, wedding, or whatever other special occasion you want.

It’s personal. It’s custom. It’s record quality. And it’s for a limited time.

Do a record with Steel Panther. You deserve it.


The following sample track was also shared:

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