Diamond Head To Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Lightning To The Nations” In November

Diamond Head will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Lightning To The Nations” by releasing a re-recorded version of the album on November 20. This version of the effort will also feature four covers.

“Lightning To The Nations 2020” Track Listing:

01. “Lightning To The Nations”
02. “The Prince”
03. “Sucking My Love”
04. “Am I Evil?”
05. “Sweet And Innocent”
06. “It’s Electric”
07. “Helpless”
08. “No Remorse” (Metallica cover)
09. “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin cover)
10. “Sinner” (Judas Priest cover)
11. “Rat Bat Blue” (Deep Purple cover)

Brian Tatler commented:

“We thought it’d be great to re-record the debut album with this lineup and the modern technology available. The original album was recorded and mixed in a week, and we were very young; still 19-20 years old when it was recorded, so there’s a lot of that youthful energy. But we didn’t have the technique, time, or craftsmanship to record it with the sort of power that we could now. So that was a real thing to savor: the opportunity to go in the studio and record these songs fresh and vibrant.”

“‘Lightning To The Nations 2020’ is packed with ideas and riffs, but there is some thought gone into it all, and maybe that’s why it still sounds really good now and we’re still having conversations about it.”

A video for the first single, an updated version of “It’s Electric,” can be found below. Tatler added the following about that track:

“It was written on the 15th of June 1978; it was the forty-fifth song Diamond Head ever wrote. It was kind of our version of an AC/DC song. I had noticed that AC/DC had gaps in their riffs so I thought I would do one in that vein and out came ‘It’s Electric’. It was fast and exciting and soon found its way into our live set. We had the pleasure of opening for AC/DC in January 1980 and performed ‘It’s Electric’ in the set. I looked over to my left and noticed we were being watched by Bon Scott!”

“Metallica covered this song on their 1998 album ‘Garage, Inc.’ Sean and I wrote ‘It’s Electric’ in the key of G but Metallica transposed it to F# to make it easier to play. I have played it their way ever since.”

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