Code Orange Say The Metal Scene Needs To Be More “Forward-Thinking”

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, members of Code Orange offered their thoughts on the current state of the metal scene. In particular, Reba Meyers said that she believes the genre “needs to be more forward-thinking.”

Meyers said the following:

“I love metal, but there needs to be more forward-thinking. It’s expected to be the most forward-thinking genre, but right now I think it’s falling behind some other genres. You look at a metal festival lineup and the headliners are all just bands from the 90s. If you look at festivals like Coachella, the headliners are modern acts.

The festival runners who maybe say, ‘Oh they don’t have a following enough,’ it’s not just up to them – it’s up to the entire industry. Whenever you push these bands as ‘small’ they’re going to be looked at as ‘small,’. A lot of that is up to perception.”

Jami Morgan added:

“Metal has this amazing, loyal fan base and amazing bands that have paved the way or are still groundbreaking. But, are any of the new bands some of the biggest bands? No. In rap, or any other kinds of music, are the newest people the biggest? 100% That’s the problem.”

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