Buckcherry Recruit Jetboy Guitarist Billy Rowe

During a recent appearance on the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon podcast, Buckcherry guitarist Stevie D. revealed that the band have been working with Jetboy guitarist Billy Rowe. This news comes after the group recently parted ways with guitarist Kevin Roentgen.

Stevie D. said the following:

“Right now, Kevin left and then, so what we did in the interim is, we started rehearsing with Billy Rowe from Jetboy. Great guy. Great guitar player. Also great [inaudible] and guitar builder. He owns Rock & Roll Relics. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that guitar company but yeah, he’s right in line, he’s been in the scene, in the Hollywood scene for a long time. And he likes a lot, he came up on a lot of the same music as we did. He’s the same age, same type of player and you know, he’s the type of player that’s more along the lines of say Keith Richards, Izzy Stradlin, that kind of thing. Billy Rowe — he’s got his own thing, which I think is really compatible with what Buckcherry does.”

He also added:

“I think that there’s a lot of similarities in both bands [Buckcherry and Jetboy], you know what I mean? There’s a punk vibe but there’s also the rock and roll vibe, the AC/DC vibe, you know, the Rolling Stones vibe. He’s got all that underneath his hands so yeah, and he’s a great slide player. I’m looking forward to recording with him or, and/or touring and all that stuff. We’ll just see where it goes right now. We’re in the honeymoon phase [with a big smile].”

[via sleazeroxx.com]

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