Rings Of Saturn Release Instrumental Versions Of “Gidim” And “Ultu Ulla”, Planning 10th Anniversary Remake Of “Embryonic Anomaly”

Rings Of Saturn have released instrumental versions of “Gidim” And “Ultu Ulla.” You can find those on all major streaming services. With this news, the band have also confirmed that they will be releasing more instrumental albums and a 10th anniversary remake of “Embryonic Anomaly” later this year.

Rings Of Saturn commented:

“At the request of many fans, Lucas Mann and Nuclear Blast Records have made the instrumental versions of the Rings of Saturn albums “Gidim,” and “Ultu Ulla,” available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms for the first time! 🤘👽

Along with the 10 year anniversary remake of Embryonic Anomaly coming in 2020, instrumental remastered versions of the first three classic Rings of Saturn albums, “Embryonic Anomaly,” “Dingir,” and “Lugal Ki En,” are planned to be released in the future on all major streaming platforms for our fans as well! 🛸☄

We have much more planned for music releases and additional updates, such as 2021 tours, so stay tuned for specifics and details on all! We all hope you enjoy jamming out to our current and upcoming releases! 🔥🔥🔥”

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