Phil Demmel Offers Update On New Vio-lence EP

During a recent interview with Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza on “Zetro’s Toxic Vault,” Vio-lence’s Phil Demmel offered an update on the band’s new EP. The guitarist said that the band already have “two songs done” and that they have “ideas for two more.”

Demmel said the following:

“We’ve got two songs done. We’ve got ideas for two more. I come up with the riffs. But Perry’s [Strickland, drummer] there while we’re structuring. He took some time off from playing, and he’s now getting to a point to where, especially last week at practice, to where now he’s going off of muscle memory again and he’s not having to think about [all the parts anymore]. He’s better when he doesn’t have to think about stuff.”

He also continued after being asked if the band have a timeline for the release:

“Not really. We’ve been talking with the people at Metal Blade. When [the songs are] ready, they’re ready. This [coronavirus pandemic] has given us more time. But still, it’s gotta be fucking killer. I had a riff that the [other] dudes were kind of digging, and I’m all, ‘I don’t got a boner with this one.’ I want a 10-foot boner with everything that we’re doing now. It’s gotta be better, it’s gotta be fucking kick-ass, and there’s parts of it that wasn’t… I don’t wanna put out some crap.”

Demmel also added that the songs are “hard to play”:

“I set the bar kind of high in the riffs and wanting them to be difficult. And working with Perry, I bet he goes home cursing me at night, just because they’re fucking hard songs, the structures. There’s hard parts and a lot to ’em, but they’re gonna be fucking kick-ass.”

[via Blabbermouth]