Devin Townsend Shares First Episode Of “Devin Townsend Podcast”

Devin Townsend has launched a new podcast called the “Devin Townsend Podcast.” The first episode finds the frontman discussing “Ocean Machine: Biomech.”

Townsend commented:

“So here’s the first ‘episode’ of my podcast.

Until I get a feel for it, I figured Id just start by doing a series on the albums I’ve released… An overview and more in depth analysis of each seems like a relatively easy way of figuring out the format. Its maybe a bit long winded, but undoubtedly I’ll learn to tighten it up.

This one is about Ocean Machine, so if you want to hear me waffle on in the background about that album while you’re going about your day… You’re in luck! Terria will be next, but I’ll probably get through all of them eventually I’d think.



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