Devin Townsend Shares New Mix Of “A New Reign”

Devin Townsend has shared a new mix of his track “A New Reign” as part of his “Quarantine Project.” The original version of the song appears on the frontman’s 2014 album “Z2: Sky Blue.“

Townsend commented:

“Heyo, Dev here again…hope you’re holding fast. This week starts with a song that was originally on the Sky Blue album, yet I was dissatisfied with the original mix back then, so I did a new mix of it on Twitch the other day. Here it is.

The song deals with loss. Mourning. It was written during a period of loss of some people in my world and a few close around me as well. Getting down to the intensity of it that I felt we missed the first time around was cathartic.

Another week ahead of us that is worth fighting for. Love to you and yours, stay strong.

Dev =)”

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