Interview: Fire From The Gods Drummer Richie Wicander

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Fire From The Gods’ Richie Wicander. The chat, which can be read below, finds the drummer discussing the band’s latest album “American Sun,” the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and more.

METAL ANARCHY: Your latest album “American Sun” has been out since November. How have fans been responding to the new material?

WICANDER: We have received a lot of positive feedback and I think our fans dig the new material even though it is not as heavy as Narrative was.

METAL ANARCHY: For those that haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe the record?

WICANDER: American Sun is a blend of Rock and Metal infused with modern Hip Hop and Reggae.

METAL ANARCHY: “American Sun” deals with a lot of political and social issues. Did you set out to make political album or is it something that progressed naturally?

WICANDER: I do not think it is a political album. It is a socially conscious album. It talks about what we as a society need to change, the tribulations of modern life and also touches on personal struggles.

METAL ANARCHY: The effort also has a sense of hopefulness and unity, which is something we could all use right now since we are currently in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. What advice would you give those who may be losing sight of those concepts during these uncertain times?

WICANDER: It is indeed a very uncertain time for everyone which is why we need to stay hopeful and positive. We should also spend time to reflect on what is happening. Think about how we are affecting the planet. The virus is yet another result of human greed… I have hope that these drastic changes will force us all to see things differently. Life cannot keep going as it was, we need to progress and change our selfish ways.

METAL ANARCHY: Earlier this year, before everything starting getting cancelled or postponed, you were out on tour with The Hu in Europe. How was that experience?

WICANDER: It was an amazing tour! The shows were sold out and people had a great time, great band to tour with, great crew and great food! I grew up in Germany and it was very nice to see friends and family all over the place. Definitely feel grateful that we got to do this tour right before the corona madness started exploding!

METAL ANARCHY: You were also scheduled to hit the road with Hollywood Undead, Bad Wolves, and From Ashes To New in May, but it’s probably safe to assume that that tour won’t be moving forward. If that’s the case, will it be rescheduled and if so, what can fans expect from it?

WICANDER: I have not heard any updates about that tour as of yet. We are hopeful but with everything happening, who knows.. Fingers crossed! This tour will be a good one, regardless of when it is happening!!

METAL ANARCHY: Since everyone has some downtime right now, are you going to start working on more new music?

WICANDER: I am currently sitting in my studio in Houston creating new material. Eventually we will all get together and compile ideas but for now it seems things are shutting down so remote writing is going to be a thing.

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, it’s no secret that the music industry has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. With this in mind, what can fans do to support your band and others that may be struggling right now?

WICANDER: Keep jamming the tunes and grab bandannas on our website for makeshift face masks! Buy music and merch from your favorite bands! That will help a lot.

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