Ozzy Osbourne Says He Will Still Tour This Year If He’s “Well Enough”

As previously reported, Ozzy Osbourne was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last February while he was being treated for injuries he sustained in a fall. Despite this, the frontman said he is still planning to go through with his upcoming tour if he’s “well enough.”

Osbourne said the following about his health issues during CBS’ “Grammy Red Carpet Live” pre-show:

“This last year has been hell for me. I’ve had surgery on my neck. I’ve announced to the world that I’ve got Parkinson’s. It’s been one rock ‘n’ roll year for me.”

He also added the following about his touring plans:

“If I’m well enough, I’ll work towards it. I’m having physical therapy every day, five days a week. I’m trying, doing the best I can. Neck surgery’s not easy.”

His daughter Kelly added:

“Seeing how far Dad’s come this year and how far he’s come in the last week alone has just been incredible. I think coming out and telling his truth has been a weight lifted off of his shoulders. And even like his physical therapist is saying how far you have moved forward in this last week is insane.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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