Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Discusses Lyrical Inspiration Behind “Do Or Die”

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn has taken to social media to discuss the lyrical inspiration for the band’s latest single “Do Or Die.” The track has been met with some controversy and it even led to a bit of a squabble with Dope after Flynn blasted haters on Instagram.

Flynn said the following about the song:

“If you’re an angry person, then you know what it means when there’s a fury inside you that simmers just below the surface. For me it’s a rage that can fill my mouth (and in the past, my fists) with bile and I’m not satisfied until that bile’s reached its victim.

I, like so many of us, am fucked up in the head. I’ve felt as if the world was against me from the day I was born. My upbringing, like millions of others, was fueled by an uncontrollable rage. So those like me, we learned to put on a happy face for society, a laugh here, a smile there, but deep down that rage never goes away.

That same rage has helped guide me through 33 years in the music business. You don’t last this long in this business being “happy.” Happy is contentment and that’s never been me. You last in the music business due to a hatred inside. A hatred that burns a fire so bright, that it can only be extinguished by music.

It’s made for some beautiful hate filled songs…

However, living with that fire inside comes with consequences.

It is a gift and a curse.

I write songs for a living, but I also write songs to live.

Some people love them and connect with them beyond my wildest dreams, some people hate them and wish they never heard ’em, and that’s okay too.

I’ve taken my lumps, I’m still standing and I’m never going away.

In fact I’m coming back hard as fucking nails.

This is Do Or Die.”

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