Betraying The Martyrs Share “Rapture” Album Sampler

Betraying The Martyrs have shared a sampler with previews of all the tracks on their new album “Rapture.” That effort will be released tomorrow (September 13).

Aaron Matts commented:

“‘Rapture‘ embodies every path we have walked since the beginning of our journey. Physically and emotionally, we poured all we have into creating a musical rollercoaster that takes the listener to the darkest corners of their mind. We are incredibly excited for people to finally lend their ear to a piece we have worked so hard on, and hope that they can enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you to all who have given us their attention over the years, this one is for you!”

He also told Billboard the following:

“The album does really have dark subject matter… I was going through a lot of depression and anxiety, just like everyone seems to be at this point in time. I try to keep it vague so people can connect and relate to the subject matter. I tried to ask the other guys what they had on their minds and write things that felt close to all our hearts, personally. It just came together naturally and very organically. I think that reflects in the music.”


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