Raven Black Premiere New Song “Risen From The Ashes”

Raven Black have premiered a new song titled “Risen From The Ashes.” This track is from the band’s new album “Black,” which will be released in 2020.

Vocalist Raven commented:

“It felt fitting to release this song to start the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour. Although the song was written as part of the upcoming Black album, we were excited to debut the song as a special tribute to Wayne Static being in the afterlife but still so present in our lives.”

“Risen From The Ashes” was produced by Ulrich Wild and it continues the story from the group’s ongoing comic book series “A Dark Metal Carnival.” Here’s a description of the series:

The comic book series lays out Raven’s past, where a voodoo doctor finds a lost, scared young girl and uses his dark magic to turn her into a doll. The Doctor’s spell did not work, instead leaving Raven as a half human-half doll. Through her life with the Doctor, Raven secretly studied his magic, and eventually used it to conjure up a demon named Muppet. Muppet became Raven’s eternal protector, trapped inside of her heart. Along with the Doctor, Muppet then created a character named Stitches to seek out other looking to join their dark metal carnival world.

Raven added:

“You learn Raven was burned at the stake for practicing magic. In the upcoming issue, the foursome embarks on an adventure through hell and find their way to an enchanted underworld outside the gates of Hell. Raven has risen from the ashes and she discovers her true self, while meeting many different characters alongside Muppet, the Doctor and Stitches.”


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