Diamond Head Premiere “The Coffin Train” Music Video

Diamond Head have premiered a new video for their new song “The Coffin Train.” This is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on May 24.

Guitarist Brian Tatler said the following:

“I am very proud of this song and it’s my favorite from the new album. It is one of the best songs I have ever co-written and cannot wait for people to hear it. I love dynamics and mood changes in songs and this has it all for me. From the clean, tension-building verse, stepping up for the bridge then dropping into a massive heavy chorus. At just over six minutes, it’s an aural feast.”

Singer Rasmus Bom Andersen also commented:

“Easily the best song on this record. We put so much effort into making this a true Diamond Head song from start to finish, and we hope our fans feel the same.”

Drummer Karl Wilcox added:

“Pure class, slows the pace down. Fans and newbies will appreciate the choice of Brian’s guitar work. Guitars, groove, harmonies and hooks abound, as this track rumbles along until it reaches its thundering finale. Take a seat…”


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